Summer : Useful Tips, DIY decorations & and ideas !

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Hello everyone. As you all know summer is here.! Who doesn’t want to be outside,
sunbathing, swimming, playing catch on the beach
or just barbecuing in the backyard? While summer
means fun in the sun, make sure you’re not getting
too much of a good thing. Avoid consequences of
overexposure to the sun like sunburns, premature
aging of the skin, wrinkling, and skin cancer.
So this article will tell you everything you should know about summer ! Let’s get started :)

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                                                    Summer Safety Tips

Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting shorts and shirts made of breathable fabrics.
Drink at least 8 cups of water a day. Hydrate yourself. Use hats,sunglasses, and protect yourself from the sun.

Vigorous exercise in hot conditions and dehydration can lead to heat stress, heat stroke and related complications, you should know the signs of danger to keep an eye out for.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion:

Heavy sweating
Cold, moist skin, chills
Dizziness or fainting
Weak or rapid pulse
Muscle cramps
Fast, shallow breathing
Nausea, vomiting or both

Symptoms of heat stroke:

Symptoms of heat stroke:

Warm, dry skin with no sweating
Strong and rapid pulse
Confusion and/or unconsciousness
High fever
Throbbing headaches
Nausea, vomiting
Take steps to cool down and get medical attention immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.


1. A lawn Twister game 

What you will need :

large (5)  spray paints + A piece of lawn found in your garden

Its very easy,just spray differents colours on the lawn(like the twister game) and then you will have your spray-paint lawn twister game !


  2. Make a leak-proof water blob


Fold  plastic in half, tape 3 sides with duct tape (leave small opening for hose), fill it up, add food coloring, glitter, rubbery toys that won’t tear the plastic. Spray the top with water for an awesome slip and slide.


3.Recycle your pine cones

Save all your pine cones and put them near your plants which will keep cats,pups away.

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4.Spray paint pebbles


You can spray paint pebbles with neon colours to light up your garden or your room at night.

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You can also ‘plant’ M&Ms :P

That is :enhanced-9104-1398303536-1 Just spray paint some big stones & write M&Ms on it :)

5.Make cement stepping stones out of large leaves 

enhanced-2791-1398394496-9 For more


6.DIY candles 

You can decorate your garden with candles if you are sleeping outside and to make your room cozy

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8.Make your own’ beachy-waves hairspray 

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If you can’t go to the beach,try this large (9)


9.Make your own spray mist with PVC pipes as you like it 

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10. Take care of yourself & Enjoy :) 

I hope that you guys liked this article. Enjoy your summer :D









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Lavender Infused Sugars

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For Lavender & Sweets lovers! A little of this, a little of that, and you have got yourself a decadent little treat that not only makes a great gift, but is awesome just for you as well. Infused sugars are one of the easiest and sweetest ways to add flavor to your normal recipes. Add the sugar to your coffee, tea or other baked goods. Enjoy!

Ingredients: 1 cup of sugar, 2-3 tsp culinary lavender, 1 vanilla bean

Instructions: Pour your sugar and lavender into an air tight container. Scrape the seeds of one vanilla bean into the sugar as well. Seal and shake every day. After two weeks, your sugar will be infused and delicious!

My bloom landMy bloom landScreen Shot 2014-08-04 at 00.20.17Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 00.20.31Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 00.20.43My bloom land            source:

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Tips for Traveling with Kids

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Tips and Tricks for Toddler Travel


Thanks for covering for me while I was on vacation. I enjoyed your posts, but missed chatting with you! I particularly enjoyed your note about encouragement. I think we could all use a little encouragement from other mothers, so thanks for spreading the love.

So back to vacation. I know some people think I am crazy, but I travel with my family of five as often as I can. First of all, my extended family and my husband’s family all live far from us (always at least one flight away — sometimes two!). Second, I want my kids to feel comfortable and truly enjoy traveling because I do! Finally, I want my kids to experience cultures, people and places that they cannot at home.

I have been flying with my kids for 6 years. I started when Little Man was only a couple…

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All about dreams :)


Hi guys :) How are you all ?
Today Im going to do an article on D.R.E.A.M.S :)
I did a research on the net and came across shocking things about dreams :D I hope that you all like this article & give this article a thumbs-up if you like it :) Thank you =]
Dreaming is one of the most mysterious and interesting experiences in our lives.But although dreams are a common occurrence, people still have a lot of questions regarding them. And this article will talk about some of the facts about dreams.


#1 You can have several—even a dozen—dreams in one night.
It’s not just one dream per night, but rather dozens of them, say experts—you just may not remember them all.It is estimated that most people have more than 100,000 dreams in a lifetime.

#2 Not Everyone Dreams in Color

#3 You can’t read while dreaming, or tell the time
If you are unsure whether you are dreaming or not, try reading something. The vast majority of people are incapable of reading in their dreams. The same goes for clocks: each time you look at a clock it will tell a different time and the hands on the clock won’t appear to be moving

#4 Inventions inspired by dreams
Dreams are responsible for many of the greatest inventions of mankind. A few examples include:

The idea for Google -Larry Page
Alternating current generator -Tesla
Periodic table -Dimitri Mendeleyev …
They are also “recharging” our creativity.So the more you dream,the more creative you are :)

#5 Blind people dream too
Blind people who were not born blind see images in their dreams but people who were born blind don’t see anything at all. They still dream, and their dreams are just as intense and interesting, but they involve the other senses beside sight.

#6 In our dreams we only see faces that we already know
It is proven that in dreams we can only see faces that we have seen in real life before.But we just do not remember the faces

#7 Animals do have dreams too

#8 Dreaming, or sleeping, can help you to learn.
Going to sleep soon after studying something helps you to consolidate those memories while they are still fresh in your thoughts according to researchers

#9 70% of all the characters in a man’s dream are other men, but women’s dream contain an equal amount of women and men.

#10 If you are snoring, then you cannot be dreaming.
Many people assume that but there are no valid scientific explanation and proof to it

#11 You can’t move while dreaming.
Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by rapid movements of the eyes.During REM sleep the body is paralyzed by a mechanism in the brain in order to prevent the movements which occur in the dream from causing the physical body to move.If you move while dreaming,you can not longer dream

#12 Several surveys across large population sets indicate that between 18% and 38% of people have experienced at least one precognitive dream and 70% have experienced déjà vu

#13 You can die in your dreams — and live to tell the tale & Your body reacts to dreams as it would if you were awake.Dreams are not 100% safe.Dreams can get you in trouble!

#14 We dream every night and forget 90% of our dreams

#15 You can control ‘some’ your dreams.

#16 The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are more common than positive ones.

#17 Recurring dreams may be your mind’s way of telling you something.
Do you have the same nightmare over and over again? Experts suggest looking for underlying messages in recurring dreams so that you can rid yourself of them.

#18 Your dreams and reality are interconnected
Perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that most of your dreams are the reflection of those things that happen in your life. For example, you can hear a song while sleeping and just after waking up you will discover that it was playing on the TV .

#19 External factors invade our dreams.
This phenomenon is called dream incorporation wherein a part of reality is included in our dream in some way.And When we dream, we tend to include things that are actually happening in real life.

#20 Many facts and aspects about dreaming are still unknown.Experts still do not have all answers about dreaming :)

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And Now,Im going to talk a bit about intepretations of dreams. Using dream interpretation to explore dream symbols and learn a dream’s meaning can perhaps lead to understanding ourselves better.But there is no scientific argument and we don’t really know if those interpretations are true. I have done a small research on google and find out some common dreams and what they are supposed to mean.

Common Dream Themes and Their Interpretations

You’re falling, . and then you wake up. This is a very common dream and is said to symbolize insecurities and anxiety. Something in your life is essentially out of control and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Another interpretation is that you have a sense of failure about something.

:).Being chased
What it usually symbolizes is that you’re running away from your problems. What that problem is depends on who is chasing you

:) Taking an exam (or forgetting that you have one)
What experts say this may mean is that you’re being scrutinized about something or feel you’re being tested — maybe you’re facing a challenge you don’t think you’re up to. You don’t feel prepared or able to hold up to the scrutiny. It may also mean there is something you’ve neglected that you know needs your attention.Too much stress and pressure can make you have such dreams

:) Running, but going nowhere
You’re trying to do too many things at once and can’t catch up or ever get ahead.

:) Flying
Typically, dreaming that you are flying means you are on top of things. You are in control of the things that matter to you. Or, maybe you’ve just gained a new perspective on things. It may also mean you are strong willed and feel like no one and nothing can defeat you.

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Do dreams really reveal your hidden fears and desires, or are they just reflections of daily life? Well, dream interpretations can be right or wrong. Some people believe in it while others not :)

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The psychology of dreams is indeed very interesting and I hope that you learnt a lot from this article :)

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Superfoods vs dietary supplements/pills +DIY

Superfoods vs dietary supplements/pills

Should we take vitamin and mineral supplements, are they a complete waste of money, do they do more harm than good? These are questions millions of people around the world ask.


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Pills are probably more expensive & may have side-effects and risk of overdosing while ‘superfoods’ are easily available for free ! And pills may contain other preservatives harmful to health while superfoods are free from those chemicals.

Hundreds of tasty “superfoods” contain nutrients, antioxidants and other elements that may fend off infections, suppress cancer cells, regulate blood glucose levels, strengthen bones and help you lose weight while you enjoy eating them. (just like pills but in a healthier way)

What are these ‘Superfoods’?

1. Blueberries
Native Americans believed that blueberries were magic. They used them to dye clothes. smashed them to color paint. They recognized the dietary — and medicinal — value of the berries.
Berries contain antioxidants.High concentrations of anthocyanins create the blue color, and they also may protect eyesight and energetically combat cancer-causing free radicals.
Blueberries may even reduce belly fat. Blueberries affect also the way fat is stored and burned, and improve the body’s glucose use.

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2.Pure Honey
Unlike sugar, honey is a nutrient-rich sweetener, providing numerous minerals and B, C, D, and E vitamins. Concentrated carbohydrates boost energy for sports.
Honey also is thought to promote sleep. It soothes sore throats and quiets nighttime coughs.It has antiseptic properties that make it a good topical treatment for infections, sores and burns.large (3)

Beans are low in fat, high in fiber, protein rich and cholesterol free.The high carbohydrate and high fiber content of beans helps regulate blood sugar to keep diabetes under control. Beans also may help prevent colon cancer, largely because they’re so high in fiber.Helps to lose weight as well

It’s full of strong cancer-fighting antioxidants that protect us from lung, colon, prostrate, gastric and breast cancer.Broccoli contains numerous disease-fighting minerals and vitamins, like chromium, an element important in regulating blood sugar and insulin. Folic acid stops the virus that causes cervical cancer and minimizes risk of cataracts.Broccoli is a good source of non-dairy calcium, a necessary element for strong bones and can lower blood pressure.
It provides iron, which is important for healthy brain function by increases brain-wave activity and speeding up physical responses. large

Onions are rich in antioxidants and are possibly one of the best cancer-fighting foods.Prevents Cancer of the mouth
Throat cancer
Lung cancer
Stomach cancer
Colorectal cancer
Breast cancer
Ovarian cancer
Prostate cancer
Liver cancer
Onions lower cholesterol and blood pressure.. Onions can even block the blood-clotting activity that fatty foods produce..Onions are naturally antibiotic, antiviral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. They help dilate bronchial tubes, making breathing easier for asthmatics, hay fever sufferers and people with chronic bronchitis or sinusitis & flu. Onions can even help us deal with stress and have a good sleep large (4)

Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish are particularly good at reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Eating fish high in these fatty acids reduces the symptoms of high blood pressure, thins the blood and prevents clots.Eating oily fish also protects a vision loss, and promotes healthy brain function.May also relieve depression
Fish oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, and it works directly on the immune system and as such may fight colon and breast cancer

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Tea is loaded with cancer-busting catechins. and may reduce cancer. Catechins are also antibacterial, a quality that makes tea an asset in preventing stomach ulcers.Green and black tea reduce the risk factors for heart disease by lowering blood pressure and reducing total cholesterol. Tea also dilates blood vessels for better blood flow.
In older women, drinking tea also may build bone density.It is also believed that drinking tea may reduce stress
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It prevents and cure diarrhea. Yogurt kills the bacteria that cause intestinal disorders.It boosts the entire immune system. It even kills bacteria and reduces your susceptibility to pollen allergies, hay fever and colds if you start eating it 4months before .It has antiviral and anticancer activity, toolarge (7)

Responsible for
Cleaning animal bites
Curing skin diseases
Expelling tapeworms
Eliminating tumors
It reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and blood clotting dangers as well.Garlic also relieves joint pain, gas and diarrhea,flu/sinusitis and it gives you calm, happy feelings.
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10.Dark chocolate
As you all know,eating dark chocolates has many health benefits such as
it stimulates endorphin production, which gives a feeling of pleasure
it contains serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant
it contains theobromine, caffeine and other substances which are stimulants
it contains anti oxidants
relax blood pressure and balance certain hormones in the body. Etc

[To know more check out my previous post:


[Sources : Google,(from internet)

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Now Im going to give you some DIY recipes on how to eat these ‘Superfoods ‘ :)Let’s get started :)

# Quick & personalized smoothie :)

Ingredients: Yougurt & some fruits/vegetables that you like _> Broccoli,blueberries

In blender, place yogurt, slices of vegetables/fruits. Cover; blend until smooth.
Serve immediately.
Try different combination :) You can do milkshakes as well

# Mix tea

Ingredients: dry nondairy creamer, unsweetened instant tea mix,sugar,ginger,cinnamon/cardamon,cloves

In large bowl, stir all ingredients until blended.
In food processor, blend the mixture until it looks like fine powder.
Place mixture in mug and add hot water.

# Fresh ginger juice

Combine , ginger juice,sugar and lime juice in shaker with a small handful of pebble-sized pieces of cracked ice. Shake until fully chilled and diluted.Honey can be added too.
Quick,simple,easy & nutritious

# Onion cocktail

Ingredients :parsley sprigs,thin slices green onion tops,fresh lemon juice, Onions ( smashed into liquid),ice cubes

Using muddler or wooden spoon, mash parsley in cocktail shaker. Add the other ingredients. Cover; shake vigorously. Pour contents (including ice) into tall glass or strain into glass. Mix in Onion

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# Chocolate fish with beans

Ingredients:dark chocolate sauce,Salt and pepper + other spices you like, baked beans,fish fillets

Place the fish into the oven to cook with salt & pepper/spices.When the fish has already been cooked, pour some chocolate sauce without sugar) on the fish.After 7 minutes remove from the oven.Serve with the baked beans :)

Try different recipes :)

large (11)large (12)large (13)

I have just given you some easy way DIY and you can modify it to create anything you like. Try to add colours,creativity and taste to your food. Try to avoid pills. Even if you don’t like to eat certain food,try a new recipe and cook it differently :)

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Thank you for reading

The Key To Mastering Your Emotions

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From minute to minute, from hour to hour and day to day, we all can experience a wide range of emotions. These can be anger, sadness, greed, anxiety, depression to happiness and peace. These emotions can help us to live a happy and fulfilled life or they can prevent us from doing so and lead us to destructing our lives.

Our emotions are an internal response that we feel in regards to a person, an event, a thing or a place. These emotions can be triggered from previous experiences that we have had in the past. For example if somebody close to you hurt you in the past when they criticized you then if you are criticized in the here and now, it can activate that hurt. Our emotions are created from the beliefs we hold in regards to a situation or a thing.

Many of us can be caught…

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