Sleep hacks & Facts

Good morning people. I guess you did not have enough sleep last night and you are feeling sleepy and sluggish. Are you? Well,most people don’t have that 8-7 hours of sleep at night and we all been through these situations,when we have to cram for a test or study late at night. Yeah a typical student life! :P

If you are not feeling sleepy[and can still read :P],here are some tips on how to get quality sleepy,and basically everything you need about sleep.





Hope it helped! As far as possible,try to stick to those tips and you will feel great,refreshed & healthy.Learning how to ‘hack your sleep’ can indeed have some positive changes in your life! Take care of your health guys and don’t forget to share this post to your family & friends

Good night to those going to bed :)



[GUESTPOST]DIY Fine Art Pieces

Hello guys. Our guest blogger for today is Emma who will show you some really cool DIY Art Pieces that are really beautiful.I hope you like Emma’s post and her amazing DIY’s.


Who says that all of art pieces in your home have to be expensive? In fact you can make most of them by yourself. I decided to do this once I realized I have spent too much money on decoration and got them same look in every single room. I wanted to have something different but couldn’t spend any more money. That is when I discovered DIY projects. These look just as beautiful but leave you much space for experimenting with decoration. Here are some of the projects I found easy as well as interesting to do


Shoebox wall shelves



Shoeboxes don’t have to be used only for storing things you rarely use. Now, you can make your own masterpiece with these. With a little bit of paint and paper you can make shoebox wall shelves which are perfect for storing some lightweight items like small vases, framed photographs, found things or trinkets. All you have to do is cut a piece of paper that will fit perfectly on the bottom of the shoebox and cover the rest of it with spray or paint. This way you will make it look beautiful and cover any logos or text on it. All it is left to do is to attach it to the wall and store something in it.


Old window picture frame



All you need for this one is an old window you might have somewhere in the attic or garage. Try looking for a piece that has a more vintage look. If you do not have one, you can look for it at garage sales or online. The next thing you should do is choose a perfect theme for the collage. When I made this one I decided to display photos of my children through years. Just be sure to choose the photos properly. You can use your PC to turn some of the photographs black and white or enhance colors in order to make the whole collage look more interesting. Also size them in such a way they fit into each of the window panes. It is up to you to decide whether you are going to put borders between photographs.

Circle Punch Art



This is a great project you can make together with your kids. Give them a bunch of wrapping paper or old magazines and let them punch out as many circles as they can. All you have to do is glue the circles to the paper and frame it on the wall. Follow a certain pattern when you are gluing them in order to give it a better look. This can also be a great present for a baby shower or graduation day (as it is great to be kept inside dorm room).


DIY Paintings



Even if you do not want to spend much money you can still hang some painting on the wall – your paintings. You do not have to be an artist to make one of these. All it takes is a canvas, some artline pens and some effort. No one says you have to paint Mona Lisa in order to hang your painting on the wall. Write down your favorite quote and add some lines and add some lines and circles around it. You can also just take the pen and start drawing any shapes you can imagine. Frame it and attach it the wall. It will definitely give your home a new interesting look.

All of these projects are easy and simple. Not only this but you and your family are definitely have fun making them. My home is full of these and I won’t struggle to say that it looks magnificent.



Emma is a teacher, constantly improving her skills both as a teacher and as a parent. She is passionate about writing and learning new things that can help you to lead a quality life. She is a regular contributor to High Style Life. You can follow her on Twitter @EmmahLawson.

Thank you Emma for this great post :)

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Productivity/motivation hacks | Stop procrastinating


Hi there.Let me guess.You probably had something else to do but you are here on the internet reading this blog post.

Let me guess again,you probably have no motivation and you are reading this random blog post instead of actually doing what you have to do.

The good news is that you are not alone.We are all in the boat because like you and me,we all tend to procrastinate and there are days when we have zero motivation.

I hope that you like those new  tips & hacks,I came up with,to stay productive and focussed!




Get a kitchen timer (or, okay, your iPhone or a timer app on your desktop) and set it for 10 minutes. Work on a single task without stopping. When the buzzer dings, take a two-minute break to do whatever you want. Stand up, stretch, check Facebook, go to the bathroom. When two minutes is up, set the timer for another 10 minutes and start on the next task on your list. Repeat this five times for a total of one hour of work. The idea is that eventually you’ll get so engrossed in something, you won’t want to take a break.






2.The Two-Minute Rule




3.Trick your brain





Feeling low & have no motivation at all? Well,do something that will make your body release dopamine.Get up and do some push-ups,listen to a song you like .. and then do what you had to do.This works for me.

4.Listen to your body

Take care of your body if you want to stay productive. If you are healthy and have energy,you will be less likely to procrastinate. Sleep is also important and this sleep hack may help you

PS:People are different and the amount of sleep they need vary from person to person


It works? 

5. Sort your tasks


6.Search for extra motivation

Find what inspires you and if you still can’t do it,use the 80/20 rule

7.Restart your body.


You have many assignments for tomorrow and you don’t know where to start.You seem to lack motivation when you see files pilling up your desk,if yes ,then take a shower.It’s like restarting your body & pouring away the negativity

c2273e178543f021b7a66b8760ee1dc1 (1)

8.Save motivation & use it later

This may seem funny to you but it actually works. Create inspirational reminders,letters,memos and then choose a random date for the ‘inspiration’ to be sent to you. Chances,are,you may receive an inspirational letter from yourself  on the day you need it the most.


9.Use apps & use the reward technique

Did you know that there are many free apps that motivates you everyday? Try one of those and you’ll see the difference. And do remember to reward yourself :)


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10. Stop reading this post and finish what you have to do.



Work hard & chase your dreams :D How was the hacks? To what extent, they work for you?





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Now get off the internet and get back to work!

5 Tips/hacks for a better YOU

Happy New Year guys. I hope you had a great a New Year and very excited to start off 2016. This article will be slightly different [ Right,slightly] and I sincerely hope that you enjoyed reading all my 2015 articles.2015 has been a great blogging year for me and I have been part of many incredible blogging projects..Thank you so much guys for everything and I’m glad that you liked my articles. I love blogging so much and I am forever grateful for your support. I guess,this intro is becoming  a bit long so we will jump right into the article. This article is a perfect guide for you,it’s all about tips/tricks/habits for a better YOU. Say Yes to things you would normally say NO.I’m not going to stick with things you already know,like exercise more or sleep more.I will try to give you some other tips/hacks as far as possible and those little things that can change your life.

Resolution 1: Start saving money.

I’m not telling you to be money-minded but saving some extra money does not harm.


Resolution 2 : Stay away from people who always put you down or negative people in general who give you pain more than happiness. 

Surround yourself with positive and kind people. . Spread love,not hate and if someone hates you,you don’t have to hate them in return.Having a neutral approach is maybe best solution. I’m not expert in sociology but this helps me personally.By the way,if you want someone to stop bothering you,this life hack may work.


Resolution 3:Take care of your health 

EVERYONE is aware of this but I’m just going to remind you people that your health should be your priority.As simple as that.

I’ll link some previous health /fitness related posts,if you haven’t read them.

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Resolution 4:Help people

I’m not telling you to do big things ,if you do not feel like. I’m just telling to simply smile to people and be kind to people.You have nothing to lose,be kind to people because they are fighting a battle you know nothing about.Spread kindness because an act of kindness is never wasted,it just creates a domino effect.This year,try to brighten other people lives by simply believing in the magic of kindness.You can do it,its takes no big effort/skill,you already have goodness within you & all the resources to be a better person.




  • .”Charity Miles is an app that helps you earn money for your charity , every time you walk, bike, or run. You pick the charity, the app tracks your distance, and up to 25 cents per mile is donated on your behalf “.So in short ,while working out, you are helping yourself & other people too
  • Freedie app for Iphones let you help students get food .For every food photo taken at a participating restaurant and shared via social media, 25 cents will be donated to the app’s nonprofit parent company, The Lunchbox Fund, which provides meals to students in rural South Africa

Resolution 5 :Avoid taking to much stress

Here’s how.

I’m not going to repeat things you already know but please remember that you don’t have to be stressed.There are tons of solutions & hack that really help!






Ditch the traditional resolutions. Take those resolution as a way to make yourself a better person.Take these as goals,not resolution=chores. Have an awesome 2016 people:)

This year,I will be doing many projects [so exicted!] and I will be accepting many guest posts as possible.All bloggers/writers are welcome. Just drop me an email :D And,I’ll also be doing more interviews so if you know someone,please contact me or if you want to be featured,don’t hesitate to email me :)







New Year Party Hacks + DIY

large (1)

2015 is almost over. Today is the last Monday of 2015 and yes,Happy last 2015 Monday ! :P

large (1)

If you are throwing a New Year party , I hope these DIY/hacks will be useful.I know that in some places it’s winter & in some places Summer so this post will inclube both. And if you are in the snow,I am sending you some sunshine :) I hope that you have a bright,great New Year :)

1.DIY Cooler


2.Spice up your balloons 

large (2).jpg

3.Combine glow sticks with cotton candy 

You have to be extra careful with the glow sticks


4.Broken umbrella with fairy lights


5.Tip for kids :Drop a mini marshmallow in the bottom of a cone to keep ice cream from leaking out.




6. DIY your garden




7.Use Tonic Water To Make Your Frosting Glow!


Glowing cupcake

8.For drinks

Excess alcohol is bad for health .Avoid them as far as possible. 

9.Throwing a party during winter?


It also keeps your house warm & your guests won’t feel cold

10.A hot chocolate party !

hot-choco-infograf (1)

11.DIY balloon


Fill a round balloon with water and set outside until almost frozen through. Run hot water over frozen globe until balloon pops off. Pour out unfrozen water from inside and insert a tealite. Makes a great walkway accent.

12. DIY New Year cakes

For more ,click here


Are you planning to throw a party for New Year?

Have a safe & happy New year. Don’t drink & drive,PLEASE! It’s dangerous and we are tired of tellingpeople to drive safe. If you are drunk,DON’T drive,take a taxi or call someone to pick you.PLEASE! Someone loves you,so please be responsible ; so many innocent people are the victims.Do spread the message :)

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5 DIY last minute Christmas gifts

We are almost there! Christmas!!

I’m going to share with you some nice DIY christmas gifts ideas all around the internet.DIY gifts are amazing , affordable and pretty good. This gift guide can be for your parents,sister/brother,family & friends. Try them if you have time and test your creativity :D


Do leave a comment below telling one thing you like about christmas ?


Let’s reveal the gifts :)



This one is great for your mom /grandma and it’s creative & easy


You will need some cheap nail polish ,a toothpick,white ceramic mug,a disposable bucket,warm water
Dip the nail polish in the warm water
Use the toothpick to swirl the liquid and get cool designs
Then dip the mug very carefully


or you can always take a plain mug & draw cute christmas stuff with a sharpie

large (1).jpg




2. DIY jar ideas


This one is my all time fav. I love mason jar gifts and those foodie gifts. There is no limit to creativity with these adorable jars. :) You can put food,candy,fake snow,decoration,letters,goodies ,almost everything!I’ll show you some and it’s up to you to use your imagination & amaze everyone with the gifts.



large (3).jpg




Hot cocoa!


Jar full of goodies.


The beauty jar!




Those foodie gifts :)



large (2).jpg








oreo cheesecake :)





3.DIY terraniums

These are beautiful but are expensive at stores.This year,DIY terraniums have become popular on pinterest and why not giving it a try. DIY terranium are easy to make and are affordable.It’s a nice present to gift to someone who loves nature and it is—semi-self-regulating, creating a dynamic exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide, evaporation and condensation for your room. And even those DIY terranium looks expensive when it’s not true

Basically,all you need is some nice plain jars/vase/bowl/container,clean sand,rocks,pebbles,soil,decorative rocks/marbles ,small plants of your choice[succulents,cactus..]


You can add cute little animals

If you use cactus,you don’t have to water it. It’s such a super decoration idea as well as a gift idea.You can create different combinations & play with the sand,rocks to create the best terranium ever.

large (4).jpg


You have to make sure it’s all clean and neat.It’s all about layering & imagination.



large (5).jpg


And since it’s Christmas,you can add  snowman to make it look festive



5. DIY photo collage 

Yes,even though it’s an old DIY,people still love receiving photo collage. If you don’t know what to gift your friends or parents for Christmas,go for the DIY collage.It’s up to you to make it look sweet & attractive.There are tons of photo collage on the net and you can also make many of these.

#1:Travel photo collage


The supplies



It’s easy

#2 : Photo Gift box 


Supplies:Glue,ribbons,cute box,photos cut neatly of same sizes


Tie/glue photos of same sizes that will fit the box


Its quick & easy,they will see the pictures when they open the box



Sources:[idonotownanyphotos],wehearit,, Co.,,,pinterest,,,,,,itsalways%5Bphotobox%5Dvia pinterest


Merry Christmas guys. Keep shining & spreading love,life and happiness :)


10 Christmas Hacks/DIY


Christmas time! *Oh I need to do my Christmas dance *

Hi guys. Christmas is coming and you will definetely need some Christmas hacks to have a great holiday celebrations.And also,please stay tuned till the end of this article as I’ll show you how to make some fake snow.



1.Use this chart to avoid buying excess decoration



2.Trick your kids

Great hack! 


3.Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet and use a cookie cutter to make hot chocolate hearts.





4.When Halloween meets Christmas


enhanced-buzz-1771-1386736863-16.jpgReuse your leftover Halloween pumpkins to make snowmen.Suitable if you live where there is no snow. A snowman without a snow!

5.The gift trick


Hack: If you don’t know what to gift someone,just tell them that you got the best present ever and the person will ask you what is it. Just tell them that if they guess it right,then you will tell them.And they will start guessing and YAYY!You’ll get to know what they want!




6.Pinecones make great decorations

7.Who asked santa some coal?




8.DIY Christmas countdown

With tons of goodies.It’s cheaper and fun!

9.Organise !

large (1).jpg

10. Fake snow

There are different ways to make different kind of snow & I’ll show you one

First, you need to gather some things to make fake snow. You could find these things at your house

*sodium polyacrylate (you could find it in a disposable diapers)
*some water

Then, by using a scissor carefuly cut the outer layer of the diaper. You might found somethings that looks like a cotton, thats the sodium!!Just put the sodium into the container and add a little of water first and stir it.If it is still dry, put a little of water again and stir it until it looks like a snow. To much water will not make it dissolve but it wont be white as a snow.

If you the snow to become cold just like the real one, just put it into a refrigerator( not below freezing temp. It will make the snow to become hard like a ice cube)

large (2).jpg


Have a great December ;D


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