#Back to School : DIY’s & Hacks

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Hi everyone,the #BackToSchool season is back.I’v seen a lot of back to school supplies,videos,tweets and articles on the Internet and I’v been thinking of making one too.

So here we go : Tips,DIY’s,hacks that every college student should know 

1.Turn your laptop bag into a backpack.


2.Keep your dorm room or apartment smelling fresh and clean with a dryer sheet.


3.Trouble remembering your time table. No problem,set it as your wall paper on your phone


4.Another way to save space in your drawers is to change the way you’re holding and storing your clothes, like so:


5.. If you’re not super familiar with doing your own laundry, print this out and hang it somewhere. It shows you what each little symbol means.


6.Use plastic shoe storage to hold snacks instead. It keeps everything organized and easy to grab. And this way, you’ll know right away when you’re running out of something.


Tip: To avoid forgetting things when going to the supermarket/store,just take a photo of your fridge and you’ll know what are the things you have or need to buy

7.Save the washing up


8.DIY Ipad with wall mount


9.DIY recipes

Cheap and easy to make,less time consuming recipes but consume with moderation and try to eat healthy

#Instant Noodles or Ramen: large

#Mason jar salads:


# Quick breakfast

large (2)

#Easy Frozen Yogurt

large (3)

# DIY brownie in a cup

large (4)

10.Study !

Give your best shot and study hard to get good grades!


Thanks LifeHackable

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#Back to School:Funny Inspiration/ Tips + DIY

Healthy breakfast ideas if you are running late for school/work

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Beach/Summer Hacks

Hit like if you love the beach & Summer! large

Hi guys. It’s been quite a long time but I’m back with a brand new |Summer Hack article |for you all,with so many hacks,DIY’s,tricks & tips to make the most of your beach day trip or family summer vacation

1.Put your iPhone in a sandwich bag to protect it. The touchscreen will still work! No need to spend on waterproof cases!


2.Have a sunburn? Get creative for after sun care and make these Aloe Vera Cubes  Freeze some aloe juice in an ice cube tray and store in the freezer for DIY Sunburn Relief whenever you need it Other tips:

  • Apply cold yogurt on your burn for 10 minutes to help your sunburned skin heal.
  • Spread a thin layer of raw honey on the affected area to help reduce infection.
  • Fill a spray bottle with an even mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to instantly relieve the pain.


3.Use baby powder to remove sand from skin quickly and easily. Baby powder removes moisture from your skin allowing the sand to basically fall off your hair, feet, legs, etc. baby-powder-trick-sand-smaller 4.Protect your valuables at the beach with this quasi-gross diaper disguise.Haha thanks to Lifehack

5.Great tip indeed!
large (1)

6.Beat the summer heat

Tip #1: Buckle your seatbelt when you leave your car so it’s not SCORCHING HOT when you return.

Tip #2:Turn your steering wheel before you get out of the car to prevent burning of your hands when you get back later.

Tip #3 :If there’s water in your ears, blowing into a deflated balloon can help clear it out.

Tip #4:And if you’re looking for a new summer ‘do, just squeeze some lemon juice on your hair for natural highlights. Lemon juice + the sun = natural highlights!

7.Another great money holder, but smaller is a Chapstick DIY stash chapstick-marker-money-smaller

8. These are great for the beach. These waterproof  tags for kids  are great for identification! Haha :P safetytat-girl-better-smaller

9. Have fun with your sunscreen, make a shape for this Sunscreen tattoo sunscreen-tattoo-smaller

10.DIY towel a-turn-a-beach-towel-into-a-purse Hope you like it. I know many of you already know all of these but do let others also know about these nice hacks! Please leave in the comments below,what are your beach hacks ?

Sources:[Idonotownanyphotos],weheartit,frugalcouponliving,pinterest,buzzfeed,cosmo,thestir.cafemom,dumpaday.com large (1)

Before ending, here is a review I made for Feather & bone. Thank you for sending me a sample to review


“Feather & Bone is an inventive, fresh and unique personal care company.  We are dedicated to the creation of fresh products solutions  Uniquely for YOU.  At Feather & Bone our mantra is INDIVIDUALITY and AUTHENTICITY.Authenticity – it’s your inner core, your gravity, it’s the intangible and everything else is noise and constantly changing.  How you look from child to old age will change.  You change yourself through make-up and clothing to fit in, but in reality your inner core, values and authenticity is static.  Feather & Bone believes that the best way to fit in is to be you. At Feather & Bone our goal and mission is for men and women to feel empowered by who they are as individuals and embrace their inner weird and authenticity.  Our products help bring back the authentic you.  A rebirth of you, so strip down to the bare your Feathers and Bones and start your journey with us – orange is the new you. Instructions:Pop one tablet and place in the palm of your hand,Using your hand add 5-10 drops of water as needed and apply pressure on tablet to break to form a paste, Scoop paste from palm to massage/apply on full face and wash face !!Ingredients used : Sandalwood,Fuller’s Earth,starch ”

_Feather & Bone

I asked some of my friends,[Who like make-up,beauty products etc] to test out the samples. The verdict :

<< You can bring it anywhere,to school,to hiking to gym practice.It’s easy to use and I love the unique ingredients.Never heard about the ingredients before and the effects was immediate,my skin was clean,soft & fresh! >> <<Perfect for oily skin.Removes excess oil and all the dead skin.The smell was not that good but the paste worked out well.And the best part,it did not left my skin all dry.>> << It did not take me long to use it. I made a paste and applied it on my face. My skin looked soft after the wash & I guess it does not contain any harsh chemicals. Natural ingredients are better & the effects are even more satisfying :) >>

It was fun trying out those samples.Thank you again for sending me the face gems :D .

Tips and hacks that can save our lives

I’v been working on this article for quite a while & I hope that you guys will like it  So this post is all about tips and hacks that might save your life that I found on the net & also some advice from different people Feel free to share your tips in the comments below and I’ll include your tips in the article :)

And also,please share this post to your family & friends and to people you care about. # funny-tricks-tips-fire-matches-lighter-Earthquake

#What if you meet a large animal in the forest ?

Don’t run,” says Tony Nester, director of the Ancient Pathways survival school in Flagstaff, Arizona. “You could trigger a chase response in an animal that had no plans to attack you.” Even if it’s eyeballing you as a potential meal, it prefers prey that won’t put up a fight. Make sure the animal knows it’ll have to work for its supper:  Shout and make yourself look as large and threatening as possible. As you put on this show, retreat slowly, being sure never to turn your back to the animal. If a child is with you, he or she may be the more appetizing prey (smaller, weaker), so keep yourself between the animal and the child. A complicating factor. You could be facing an animal that isn’t hungry but is simply guarding its territory. The plan is the same, says Nester. The animal, however, will be more aggressive in this case. If all else fails and the animal attacks, use whatever you can — a stick, your fists — to fight back, concentrating on the animal’s snout.

#Despite news stories that inevitably air before hurricanes hit about people stocking up on flashlights and candles, never use a candle for light during a power failure caused by a wind-related condition such as a hurricane until after the weather has passed. If a window were to break (as can happen from strong wind) or wind were somehow else able to enter your home and knock over a candle, the situation could go from bad to horrific. Even without the wind issue, candles can be dangerous, especially if there are children in the home and/or if candles are carried; exercise caution.

#If you are in a cold climate for a long time at risk of hypothermia, resist eating snow if you are thirsty at (almost) all costs. You will lose way too much body heat just melting the snow in your body.

Never interrupt one while he is yawning People do it for fun, but sometimes it leads to dangerous consequences

If you land up in a desert and have nearly finished your water bottle, this might help. Dig a hole relatively big hole in the sand. place the bottle or something which can collect water (bigger the mouth the better, like an inverted helmet) at the center of the hole. Place a plastic sheet covering the hole and fix it using sand or rocks. Now take a small but slightly heavy object like a stone or the bottle cap and place it on the plastic directly above the bottles mouth. Due to evaporation, water will try to escape but the plastic will keep it from escaping. It turns into droplets of water which slide to the lowest point on the plastic sheet(below the stone). The drops then drip into the bottle at the bottom of the hole.

If you know you’re going to be in a crowded space, take note of the exits.In case of fire or some other kind of disaster, people will always try to go out the door they came in, causing a jam.

Kindly note that I’m not an expert and this may vary depending on the situation /person and other factors I should thank Google [Of course] for all this information and also some great sites over the internet.Sources:[Idonotownanyphotos]themetapicture.com,aarp.org,forbes,Quora,buzzfeed Please leave your tips in the comments below and share to save a life :) WHERE TO FIND ME/FOLLOW ME ON : My facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-and-the-same/657216377728715?fref=ts Bloglovin’ : http://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/one-same-13343615 See also : Self defense tips+hacks And if you are a blogger & wish to guest post on my blog,feel free to contact me :)

Workout for lazy people |Tips +Hacks

Too lazy to work out? Join the club.xD


Are you lazy? Me too! So for all the lazy people out there this is a perfect workout routine for you. All you need to do is incorporate these exercises in your everyday routine and you are good to go

I’m going to give some tips/hacks on how to do your workout if you are a lazy person :P. I admit it that I can be so lazy sometimes & someday I feel tired or I do not have the time or energy to do my workout :P I hope those tips will help & I’m sure teens will  like this article ! Lets get started !

Workout for legs,arms,wrists,abs..

Difficulty : Lazy :P


.Add weight while blow drying.
A life hack every girl can try: Add wrist weights to your arms before you start blow drying your hair, or using other hot tools. Depending on your hair length and thickness, it could take over 20 minutes to completely dry. By adding weight on your arms, you’ll be challenging your muscles as you style with your (probably heavy) dryer and a hairbrush.


If you like to spend a lot of time watching TV, a fitness ball may be the solution for you. By sitting on the ball instead of in your armchair, you’ll strengthen your core muscles and improve your balance without noticing you are exercising. You can additionally use your exercise ball as a seat while reading or working on the computer.

3.To be fit 

Need to talk on the phone? Then walk! It’s the Walk and Talk. In other words, if you get a phone call and you know it’s going to be a conversation lasting more than 5 minutes, do one of two things: -Start marching in place -Put a leash on your pup and take to the streets for a stroll

If you’re not quite ready to walk, ask the caller to ring you back in 5 minutes and make sure you’re out the door and on a walk by the time the phone rings. Sure, it makes it so you’re a little breathy whenever you’re on the phone, but you’re burning a few extra calories and slipping in a quick blip of exercise that you normally wouldn’t have thought you could fit in.Or follow the traditional tip : Take the stairs instead of elevator !


While going on the internet ,you can do leg lifts on your bed itself.Side-lying leg lifts let you strengthen your back, hips and thighs while watching TV. Lie on your side extending your bottom leg and crossing it with your top leg. While resting your head on your arm, lift your bottom leg repeatedly for 30 seconds, then repeat with your other leg.


When somebody calls you from the other side of the house  & you have to walk around the house for like 1 min,do arm exercises  like small arm rotations !


Raising the Leg will exercise the Calf Muscle. When you raise your leg as per photo ( and go up and down in that position) 6177243_f120

You are exercising your calf muscle. Even if you hate to exercise, you can do this when watching TV or when you need to raise yourself, to take something at higher level (watch your balance) If possible, repeat this movement say 5 times and increase as you deem fit.

7. Abs 

You can do some abs exercises like lifting your leg when you are in bed. As I mentioned before,leg lifts will work out your abs & your leg as well.

Laughter, surprisingly will also work out your core! So watch a good comedy movie or listen to a good joke and laugh out loud. You not only will be relieving some of your stress levels, but will be exercising your abs muscle at the same time


Just after waking up,stretch your body  in bed. Surprisingly, this will improve your flexibility, relax your muscles & make you feel less sleepy


Different exercise works for different people! I hope this article gave you some tips :D Exercise is crucial & lazy or not ,we all need to find a way to keep ourselves fit & in a good health.

For more health related articles,you can  visit fixBlog

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|Workout for lazy people |Tips +Hacks|

Hacks | Tips | DIY’s Life/Health skills : 10 tips to hack your health


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Health Tips & Hacks  :

I have rounded up some creative and useful life health hacks & hope it helped.

images (1)

#1 : 


#2: It actually works.


#3:Point to be noted


#4 :



tumblr_msijsn9meq1sa4vz3o1_500[Photo credits;LifeHacks]


c4c8183cea6b913bdd5ca498ae251dc7 (1)

#7: Its important to eat healthy. Replace butter with avocado,it tastes even better


#8 :




I hope you enjoyed this article. Don’t forget to leave your hacks in the comments below :) You can share or pin this article and let your friends or family to know about it :D

Stay healthy :D

Take care everyone :)

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Creative DIY projects for Fun | Using colours,creativity & science

Hey guys :D

I want to start this article by thanking you for your positive feedback on my previous article . Thank you  for liking the article & I’m glad that you enjoyed it :)

So for today,I’ll give you some nice & creative DIY projects that you can do to kill time during holidays or simply to have some fun with colours & science..

YAYY ! Science party xD

“You’re never too old for rainbows, explosions, or rainbow explosions.”

1.Fireworks in a Jar

If you have a little one who is fascinated with colors and fireworks, this simple experiment is for you (or your child)

You will need oil, water,a bowl and food coloring in assorted colors & a mason jar.

Fill the jar three-quarters full with warm water.
In a separate bowl, add three to four tablespoons of oil. Add several drops of food coloring in various colors to the bowl of oil. Use a fork to mix the oil and food coloring together until small beads of color form.
Slowly pour the oil mixture into the jar of water.




Gently pour the oil mixture


The science: the food coloring will slowly sink out of the oil and into the water.  When this happens, it will expand and begin to mix with the other colors.Food coloring dissolves in water but not in oil. Because the oil is less dense than the water, it will float at the top.

2. Galaxy  in  a jar 


This one is so easy to make. You can even gift it to someone. It looks like you have put a lot of time & effort doing it when you didn’t. Its so easy to make. Great decoration idea or gift idea

Materials :
1. A transparent jar or bottle with a good lid
2. Cotton balls
3. Glitter
4. Water
5. Food coloring or fabric dye (usually pinks and blues are the best, but you can choose any color that you like)
6. A pencil, straw, or other small stick

To begin this fun project take you jar and make sure it’s all cleaned out. Then add some water to fill the jar up less than half way (as marked by the arrow in the picture )


Next, add the food coloring of your choice to the water, and mix it together with a pencil or straw.

Now add enough cotton depending on the size and shape of your jar. Make sure to completely soak it in the dyed water and keep pressing down with your straw until the cotton fully submerged. Then add some glitter to the solution and shake it up so that the glitter spreads

The next step is a little different. First you are going to put more cotton on top of the first level, to create a second layer. Then make a solution of water and another color of dye in a separate container and pour that solution over the second layer of cotton. Then add more glitter and spread it around with a straw.


Keep repeating the last step until you have many layers of color and your jar is filled to the top. Secure your nebula bottle with a lid and we are done!


3. DIY RAINBOW Bouncy Balls

Making glowing RAINBOW Bounce Balls is a simple activity,.to make Glowing RAINBOW Bounce Balls you will need to first make 6 separate balls, one in each color of the rainbow

To Make Each Ball Combine:

1/2 Tsp of Borax

4 Tbsp of Corn Starch

4 Tbsp of warm water]

Combine in a small bowl, mixing until all ingredients are dissolved

In a separate Bowl Combine:
  • 1 Tbsp white glue
  • 1 Tsp Fluorescent or Glow in the Dark Paint

Mix well until the paint is completely blended into the glue –

glow 5

Once the ingredients of both bowls are well mixed combine the two bowls.  Allow the ingredients to react by themselves for a minute before stirring them.  As you stir a sticky hard, slimy material will form.

Take the material, and continue to work it with your hands, rolling and shaping it into a ball
As you roll the material it will lose it’s sliminess and become dry and rather hard, yet still moldable
glow 45

Once you have formed 6 separate balls, break them apart.  We broke each ball into 6 pieces to make 6 RAINBOW bounce balls –

glow 60

Take the 6 pieces and work the varying colors together.  We stretched and pulled them into a RAINBOW before rolling them together to form our bouncing balls. –

pin 0


4.DIY bath bomb 

Try this effective DIY bath bomb to make great bath bombs[nearly like a lush bath bomb] at an affordable price.


    • 8 oz. baking soda
    • 4 oz Citric Acid
    • 4 oz. corn starch
    • 4 oz. Epsom salts
    • 3/4 tsp water
    • 2 tsp. essential oil (I used peppermint)
    • 2.5 tsp almond oil or other light oil
    • A few drops food coloring

Gather your dry ingredients  and dump all of your dry ingredients into one big bowl and stir.


Pour  wet ingredients into dry ingredients and stir, using a whisk. Mixture should clump together in your hands.


Pack mixture tightly into first half of plastic ornament and leave it for some hours before removing it from the mould


You can create many of these using different food colours and create any pattern you like. Play with the food coloring to create galaxy or jupiter bath bombs

b7715ef970e2b8253efb245225baffbe 2507eafd48816ee3de0c72ab25590e60



You can even pack it nicely and gift it to a friend

94f8c81f6c9836522f49819726d5be08 4e71bb4e8ddb10a2b1f0c084e36001fa 07bde00005e7a6a123c2179abafed76c

5.Marbled Milk Paper


  • Almond Milk preferred (Cow’s milk may be substituted)
  • Watercolor Paper
  • Dish soap
  • Q-tips or toothpicks
  • Food Coloring or Liquid Watercolors
  • Eye Droppers (if using liquid watercolors)
  • Tray/Shallow Dish
  • Step One: Cut your watercolor paper to a size that easily fits within your tray. Place the stack of paper near your tray; once your start swirling the colors you will have to work quickly to get the best effects.

  • Step Two: Pour roughly 3-4 tablespoons of almond milk into a tray; basically enough for a thin layer of milk that covers the bottom of your tray.

  • Step Three: Add in drops of food coloring around the milk.

  • Step Four: Add a couple dollops of dish soap around the tray. The soap and food coloring will now start interacting.

  • Step Five: Using a q-tip or toothpick, begin swirling the colors.

  • Step Six: Before the colors get too mixed together take one sheet of paper and lay it on top of the milk mixture. Press down. Gently lift it, set aside to dry, and continue with additional sheets.

  • Step Seven: Let everything dry completely.


The verdict  :


Wished I knew that before.Creative idea for Art class :)

6.Frozen Erupting Snowballs

Frozen erupting snowballs (1)

  • baking soda dough
  • squeezy bottles
  • vinegar

I pulled out our bin of Frozen baking soda dough, and we formed balls, adding small amounts of water to make the dough hold its shape.  We added the water slowly to avoid dissolving the baking soda.  As each ball was formed I set it on a cookie sheet.- says LearnPlayImagine

Leave them to cool in the fridge.Then take your squeezy bottles,fill it with vinegar & here we go!

Frozen erupting snowballs (10)

That was colorful :P

Hope this article was fun & creative! Let me know in the comments if you liked it.

Who wants to be a kid again ?


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” Creativity is intelligence having fun ” _Albert Einstein


DIY Harry Potter ideas & hacks,crafts | Harry Potter inspired decoration

Whether you want to be in Ravenclaw or Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Gryffindor,call your wizarding friends & lets go for a trip in Harry Potter’s World! ‘|My Wand |’will give you some creative Harry Potter crafts & DIY . Share this article and invite other people to join in &  have some ‘HarryPotter-i-c ‘ (?) fun. As  you have noticed,I love Harry Potter since my childhood & I had a lot of fun writing this article for you guys.  I’m sure all the kids & teenagers around will enjoy this article :) Like this article for more Harry Potter stuff xD

1.DIY Wands

First you heat up the glue gun and put hot glue all over the “handle” part of the wand. When the glue’s pretty set but not all the way set, you can roll it on some paper or between your hands to smooth it out some.Then you paint..

wands10swands11swands22s 2.DIY harry Potter textbook Spice up your old books & put it on your book shelf to create ‘a Harry Potter effect’ :P c3369cf61142a39f7f6cb84dfb5b5ffb (1) 3.DIY sorting hat


4.Socks  A nice way to organize your socks enhanced-buzz-21971-1416079705-18e0d4abbcb4c6800b00586f1285b1d72c

5.Secret Passway in your bedroom  large (1)enhanced-29043-1429327598-3large (2)8e2ba58fa8e094150702127051747ad2

6.Deathly Hallows   enhanced-buzz-9880-1416114746-833edeaa8a1b5e3c5a32140876e0c9f73

7.DIY decoration  enhanced-32135-1429325729-1enhanced-4395-1429326583-5enhanced-19650-1429327734-12grid-cell-26652-1429376980-3enhanced-8310-1411580566-1

8. Quidditch 

Spraypaint hula hoops and nail them to wood for a Quidditch match. enhanced-2658-1411915322-7

9.Fun activity

Print out some WANTED posters to hang up all over your house.


10. Voldemort is back

Channel your best possessed-by-Voldemort penmanship and write on all your mirrors with lipstick. [That would be a nice April Fool idea] enhanced-5829-1411577602-4

11. Treats 

Recreate everyone’s favorite occult pub

enhanced-22182-1411569438-15 12.Lights 

Bring a touch of magic to your Muggle light switches with printable spells.



Mix up glitter in corn syrup to get this  potion effect. Use your creativity to create many more


14.Homemade butterbeer 


Ingredients:cup light or dark brown sugar,water,butter,salt,cider vinegar, heavy cream divided,bottles cream soda

  • In a small saucepan over medium, combine the brown sugar and water. Bring to a gentle boil and cook, stirring often, until the mixture reads 240ºF on a candy thermometer.
  • Stir in the butter, salt, vinegar and 1/4 of the heavy cream. Set aside to cool to room temperature.
    • In a medium bowl, combine 2 tablespoons of the brown sugar mixture and the remaining 1/2 cup of heavy cream. Use an electric mixer to beat until just thickened, but not completely whipped, about 2 to 3 minutes.
    • To serve, divide the brown sugar mixture between 4 tall glasses (about 1/4 cup for each glass). Add 1/4 cup of cream soda to each glass, then stir to combine. Fill each glass nearly to the top with additional cream soda, then spoon the whipped topping over each.

If you tried it,let me know if its okay. I didnt try it before :)

15.Harry Potter blazer 

8676035407_04ebbc6e99_ofrom thejoyoffashionblog:

  1. Start by placing the patch on your blazer wherever you think it might look good and hold it in place using the safety pins.
  2. Then try the blazer on and look at yourself in the mirror to make sure the patch is where you like it. If not, try again until it looks just right.
  3. Once you are sure you like where the patch is located, start hand sewing the patch to the blazer. I didn’t do anything fancy, I sewed it like you would a button (just up and down, if that makes sense). Make sure you sew as close to the edge of the patch as possible so that it isn’t visible.

I hope all the Harry Potter fans loved this post! Thank you so much for reading. I have so many other harry potter ideas to share with you,give this article a thumbs-up for more! How was the trip to Harry Potter World ? Sources:[Idonotownanyphotos],totallythebomb,pinterest,weheartit,boxycolonial,buzzfeed,scrapbook il_340x270.665304204_8xha

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