15 Brain Hacks




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For now,I will show you some Brain Hacks that make life easy. Some people say that it works & let me know in the comments if it works for you too.I wished I could hack my brain xD :P


1.For those who like rain


2.Who tried that?


3. Drink plenty of fluids



4.It works!



5.Positivity attracts positivity!



6.Quite convincing!




Or just type it on the calculator.

8. Yes!


9. Still,chewing-gum contains loads of sugar


10. Books cover should be yellow!


tumblr_n5h0ih4PxY1sa4vz3o1_500 (1).png

11. How distracting is that? :P


12. True!









15. No idea :D





These were some random brain tricks that may or not work,of course I didn’t go in depth but if you want more brain related articles,I would love to do it!  Go brains! :P

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DIY Harry Potter gifts ideas

Hello people,Halloween is already over and I don’t know why I’m still in the H-A-LL-O-W-EEN mood.It’s still fall time in many countries and I really wanted to make a fall article this year.Well, Harry Potter just called me and that’s how I got the idea of the article. *Claps * Thank you Harry :D


*Harry Potter invented GIFs even before it was cool * :P :P

If you have some friends/relatives who love Harry Potter,I’m sure they’ll love the gifts ideas.Try something different & why not gift them DIY HarryPotter gifts this time instead of traditional gifts. Or you know,you can make those gifts for yourself [That’s what I would do xD]

1.HP mug 




large (1)

With a Sharpie pen,you can make all the muggles jealous!

2.Polynectar pillow


3.The DIY motivational board!


Very motivating!

4.The DIY plant 


5.The board


I have to make one and gift it to my friends so that they hang it near their door :)

6.DIY candles 


Take a regular candle and write some cute HP things and it can be a very good gift idea

7.The good old letter!


8.DIY bookmark 



9.Phone case 


10.DIY wand 


To make a DIY Harry Potter wand,follow these instructions 

11.DIY potions 


Use sticknotes on sanitizers bottles

12. DIY spoon! 


Muggles will be confused ! :P

13.DIY pencils 



14.Magical Notebooks


15.Memo Board


16.Harry Potter shirts


I need to make those shirts :)


That’s all for today.For more Harry Potter fun ,do check out my previous post. I had so much fun making this article for you guys.Do let me know if you want more Harry Potter articles.

Take care guys.See you all soon [ Let me wave my wand ] :P


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[GUEST POST] 5 Wellness Tips To Increase Productivity At Work


Hi people. Hope you had a great Halloween. For this week,we have a guest post that will teach you how to be more productive at work.This post is for all age groups,not necessarily employees/employers,whether you are student or someone who works at home or online ,do read those tips. 

textby Officevibe

5 Wellness Tips To improve employee wellness at Work

Employee wellness is an important, but often forgotten about aspect of building a great company culture.

If employees are sluggish and have no energy, they won’t be very much fun to be around.

On the other hand, if employees are healthy, they’ll have more energy, which will lead to more productive employees. As a business leader, it makes sense to invest in employee wellness.

One of the other big advantages of investing in employee wellness, is that it shows your employees that you genuinely care about them as people. That realization alone is often enough to improve employee engagement.

People overly complicate employee wellness, it’s really quite simple – eat less, move more.


Here are 5 simple ways to increase employee wellness.

  1. Promote Work-Life Balance

This is by far the most important wellness tip for you to consider.

Not only is it free, but it will have the biggest impact for employees. There are so many issues that come from not having a good work-life balance, stress and burnout being the two biggest ones.

Employees won’t be productive if they work too long, the research is very clear about this.

Let employees know that they can be free in how they choose to manage their time. More than anything, it’s about showing employees that you respect them enough and trust them enough to make their own decisions.

  1. Subsidize Gym Memberships

This is a relatively easy one to do, and although it costs a bit of money, the ROI of having healthy and more productive employees is totally worth it.

You can most likely partner up with a nearby gym and get a group discount if you refer enough people.

  1. Create A Wellness Committee

There are two benefits to this one.

The first, is that you’ll be getting some great wellness initiatives implemented in your company, and the second benefit is that you’ll be empowering employees to lead the charge.

By giving employees that responsibility, you’ll be telling them that you value their opinions. That alone will get them more engaged at work.

  1. Provide Healthy Lunches

If you can provide healthy options for employees to eat, you’ll be helping them out a lot.

Many employees don’t have the time or energy to make a healthy lunch for themselves, so they’ll end up going to a nearby restaurant with a lot of unhealthy options.

Whatever you can do to make this process easier will be appreciated by employees. At our company, we have catered lunches delivered to us 3 days a week.

We all split the bill, so it ends up being much cheaper than if we were to buy this type of food normally, and it helps remove the hassle of having to prepare a lunch.

I would also recommend offering healthy snacks in the kitchen at all times. Employees are going to snack anyways, so you might as well help them by providing healthier options.

  1. Have Walking Meetings

Sitting all day has been shown to be very bad for your health.

What you can do to help combat some of the negative effects, is to get employees up and moving as much as possible.Walking meetings have been proven to be great for our creativity and innovation. You can also do stand-up meetings and take phone calls while standing up and walking around.

Anything you can do to help employees move more will make them healthier, happier, and more productive at work.

Thank you OfficeVibe for sharing your tips. If you want to know more tips on productivity at work,happy tips at work or simply how to be a hero for your employers,do check their site.

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Halloween DIY/ Cakes & treats



Cast a spell this Halloween with delicious & creative cakes. As you all know,halloween is coming up soon and today I’ll show you some gorgeous halloween cakes that you can make [Creepy laughs].And yes,side note: I’m, currently baking from my grave xD That was not creepy but hey who’s ready for Halloween cakes :) :)

1.The traditional pumpkin cake 
Looks like a hairy pumpkin cake xD. If you want to make it more creepy,you can play with the colors i.e replace the purple by another color and add sprinkles

2.Ghost with muffins

This one is super easy and a nice last minute treat


3.The fake brain 

I love this one and if you want to scare your family,then you should try this,It looks real and it is not difficult to do.


In case you are wondering,that’s fake edible blood :P

Ingredients Needed: [As per Instructables]
1. Cake Mix 2. Frosting 3. Mini Marshmallows 4.Powdered Sugar5. Cake dye, especially the colors green and red. 6. Oil


Bake the cake using the cake mix. Then add frosting

Then,follow these steps

1. First sift the powdered sugar onto a large board and make a mound in the center. You really need to sift this stuff, it looks super fluffy but it has alot of little clumps that you normally do not notice.
2. oil your hands with the cooking oil of your choice,so that sticky mashmallows do not stick to you
3. get a friend to scrape the melted marshmallows onto the mound of sugar, then dump lots of powdered sugar ontop of it. It should be completely covered.
4. gently kneed in the sugar until it gets a thicker consistency.
5. Once it is thick enough to not run all over the place, kneed it much harder and you would for bread dough. Basically to kneed you use the bottom of your palms to push the dough forward and then use your fingers to pull it back to center. Do this over and over again applying more sugar as it soaks it all up.
6. when the sugar dough turns to the consistency of soft taffy then it is done.


Seperate your fondant into small tennis ball shapes and then rip them open with your fingers. Add equal parts of green and pink to make a realistic brain color. kneed and mix the fondant until the colors evenly mix and are fully incorporated.

Roll the fondant into thin strips of varying lengths and thicknesses.


After that,carefully place the fondant strips one at a time onto the cake. start with one end and then swirl the rest of the length around to create S and G shapes


Prepare your fake blood,with corn syrup with red food coloring and then dump it all around our brain ! We are done



This one is so quick and easy to make.

ea77f38bdbeb5cc2c43995459a18fefa (1)

5.Jello worms

This one is not really my favourite but I’m gonna share it with you guys.


Make some jello.Allow it to cool then add whipping cream



Once that’s done, you can start pouring the jello mixture into the tops of the straws.That’s what our tray underneath is for. To catch whatever won’t stay in our cup.Pop it in the fridge for at least 8 hours or overnight.The next morning, (or 8 hours later) peel your straws from the jello surrounding them.Untie the ribbon and take a couple straws at a time and run them under hot water for a couple seconds.



Toss some chocolate and voila!

This is sick! 

6.Oreo blast

Who does not like oreo spiders? 


Oreo bats

They are supposed to be creepy but they are cute !

862e2481f5e1cdcc11e39db77a1448d6[Thanks for this pic ]

Halloween desserts 


7.Broken glass cupcakes 

5fc133a345dfe9cab567cc701f6efd6fe56ea941a0fbf870e765692471215779 (1)


8. Creepy human body 

Scary fingers

With wiener Sausages with Ketchup and Onion

Baked Human Hand

Meatloaf with Onions and Cheese

Puff Pastry Intestines


Mask Ice Cream Cake


Human Torso Appetizer


Medusa Ice Face and Hands Punch


Rice Monster


Dumplings Served in Science-lab Beakers

Pickled Brains

With cauliflower 


Mad Scientist Potion


According to ourbestbites
Place the Kool-Aid and sugar (or whatever drink you’re using) in the jars.
Fill the jars with water and mix well

Break the ice into chunks that are roughly 4-6 inches long/wide somewhere

Place one piece at a time into each jar, saving the rest to refresh the bubbling potion effect later


Hope this article was fun. Like this article if you want more halloween fun articles.Happy halloween ! 

large (1)

Sources:[Idonotownanyphotos],weheartit,pinterest,tumblr,www.instructables.com,workmanfamily.typepad.com,buzzfeed.com[click on the link of original buzzfeedpost for originallinks],ourbestbites.com,marthasteward.com,photocreditsgotoallthesewonderfulsites,if you want full recipe,click on the photo,you’ll be directed to original post]

Desk Makeover|Tips,DIY,Hacks to rock your work/study space


Hello guys. Its been so long and I miss blogging a lot.I just want to thank all of you for the incredible number of messages,I’v been getting from you guys and even if I haven’t replied to all of you,I read all of them.I’m absolutely blown away by all those kind words and it feels so good to be back :D Thank you so much guys :)

Alright,for today article I will you some DIY,Tips,Hacks to rock your study desk or work desk at home. I know sometimes,when we are working or studying,it can get a little boring :P And this article is all about spicing up your workspace to make it creative and productive.,because working at home is cool,you get to work in pyjamas[Why not?] :P

DIY Projects 

1.Build a nice motivational board.

Inspire your wall xD by creating nice motivational boards with inspiring quotes that will help you to be motivated to work when you are feeling down.





Vision boards


2.Make a great collage of people you love to motivate you even more. 

This DIY is good for students at college,they can do these collage at their dorm ,it may help them if they are away from home.





3.Create creative planners 




baca4015a2f9dd230582d27acfdca99e (1)

4.Make your own homework/work station 

Homework doesn’t have to be a pain. With your creativity,you can create a fun homework station with cool supplies.It’s all about organizing school stuffs and I personally believe that this can increase productivity.My desk is a mess and I’m okay with it but having everything neat and organised helps us to focus more





Tips & Hacks 

  • Everybody knows that sitting all day is not good,so try out those stretchesa973bd1af5ec7a7ad5d929422688eba7Thanks Officevibe,great tips:
  • Use bread ties to label ties,to keep your workspace clean and neat


Or, if you want to make it cute, use Washi tape to label your cords.


  • You can also use Washi tape to personalize your keyboard.


For those of you who work from home and haven’t set up your home office yet  WeWork offers coworking office spaces throughout the country.Their workspace are so beautiful.They build communities to empower people to do what they love and inspire them to be productive and creative

I hope that you got some inspiration or some ideas :) Leave a comment below telling me your desk essentials and what is your dream desk? You can send me pictures as well :)

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5 Parenting Hacks | Tricks for parents (21th century parenting)

Hello everyone. :D

Today I’ll give you some great parenting hacks to deal with 21th century kids :D Please note that I’m not an expert/or a parent,but I think those tricks can really help to improve parents-children relationship :D

1.Thanks lifehacks :) A clever way to get things done!
tumblr_my0oumSAyu1sa4vz3o1_500large (1)

2.Fair enough!

large (2)

3.Haha :P

large (3)

4. Quite innovative


5.That’s creative.

It’s a chart where the mom gets to choose the severity of the punishment and the kid gets to choose how to get there


Hope those tips was fun. Give this article a like and do share it with your parents :P


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6 Health Tips that women should know + #NGD

Hi people,I know it’s not women’s day but I always wanted to share this article with you guys[By the way,every day is women’s day] and I hope that by reading this article,your life can be improved and I sincerely want to dedicate this post to every women in the world who does not have access to health,to all men who always support their wives and their daughters and to everyone ;D

I’ll share some health tips that are important for girls/women and give this article ‘a like’ if you find it useful

Health Tips

Always confirm with your doctor & Remember that Prevention is better than cure

1.Anti antiperspirant & Cancer 

Articles in the press and on the Internet have warned that underarm antiperspirants (a preparation that reduces underarm sweat)  cause breast cancer (1). The reports have suggested that these products contain harmful substances, which can be absorbed through the skin or enter the body through nicks caused by shaving. Some scientists have also proposed that certain ingredients in underarm antiperspirants may be related to breast cancer because they are applied frequently to an area next to the breast

2.Change your pads every 5-4 hours 

One Single pad for the whole day converts the liquid into gel. It causes cancer in bladder & uterus. So please try to use cotton made pads and if you are using ultra pads, Please change that with in 5 hours, per day, at least.
If the time is prolonged the blood becomes green & the fungus formed gets inside the uterus & body.


According to experts,Breast-feeding may play a role in breast cancer prevention. The longer you breast-feed, the greater the protective effect.

4.Breast Cancer

Most of us know the prevention tips but it’s very important to follow them.

Most breast lumps aren’t cancer, but your doctor should always check them

  • Skin dimpling or puckering
  • Nipples that turn inward
  • Nipple discharge
  • Redness or scaling of your nipple or breast skin


5.The signs and symptoms of a heart attack can vary greatly between men and women.


signs of heart attack in women:Unexplained Fatigue, Pain, Short of Breath,Indigestion or Nausea,Anxiety and Stress, Sudden Sweat

6.The best way to beat period cramps is by taking an OTC pain reliever BEFORE they start.

Cramps are caused by something called prostaglandins, which are released during your period. But taking an anti-inflammatory like Motrin or ibuprofen can actually block the production of more prostaglandins. “The mistake everyone makes is that they think they should use as little medication as possible,” says Streicher. “If you start to take medication the day before you get your period or the minute you see that first drop of blood, not only will it dramatically decrease cramping, but it will also decrease bleeding.”

Guys,please don’t be shy to share this article and to pass on this msg to every women you care about.

And this week, I did a small collab for a company,Oscar that is celebrating #NGD[national girlfriend day] in order to empower women to  take control of their health,It is also to celebrate friendship and support by helping each other stay safe and live a healthy life.We are again spreading the message that Prevention is always better than cure & hope that many of you will be involved.

Here is An  outline of checkups women need make their health a priority throughout their lifetime

We’re using technology and design to make healthcare simple, intuitive, and human. In other words, the kind of healthcare we want for ourselves.

Please click on the photo or the link to make it appear larger.


 Oscar Health Insurance is trying to  help  members get the best possible care and manage their health 24/7. They have a trusted team of nurses and healthcare experts on call to answer any questions members may have. You can talk to a doctor over the phone anytime through their Doctor on Call tool. There’s also a personal health timeline that lists out all your medical history in their app, so your health is totally accessible! If you want to learn more about them, check out their New Jersey and New York health insurance plans.