DIY Harry Potter school supplies

I know,life is a struggle when you are a muggle.  😛 and especially when your school isn’t Hogwarts. I know it’s not back to school season but we are in the middle of the school year & I guess many of you can’t find the motivation to go through.So I came up with some cool DIY Harry Potter supplies that will make you a total Hermione 😛


Periods life hacks|No more Period pain

Good evening everyone. I have an interesting topic today that concerns all of us. If you are a girl,then these tips might help you & if you are a guy please forward this post to those wonderful  women in your life,it can be your mother,your sister,your girlfriend and I’m sure they will be happy and benefit a lot from it.

Yes periods can be really painful,and I got some tips for you in order to partly/completely stop the pain & make you feel better.



Health Hacks | Tips / skills

I hope you guys are fit and fine. Today,I’m going to give some more health hacks and do let me know if it works for you. I did a similar article before  and got a lot of good feedback so I decided to do a part 2. Thank you so much for all the love and for the incredible support I’v been getting from all of you guys.






Sleep hacks & Facts

Good morning people. I guess you did not have enough sleep last night and you are feeling sleepy and sluggish. Are you? Well,most people don’t have that 8-7 hours of sleep at night and we all been through these situations,when we have to cram for a test or study late at night. Yeah a typical student life! 😛

If you are not feeling sleepy[and can still read :P],here are some tips