WORKOUT FITNESS HEALTH hacks,Tips & DIY ( +interview)

Hello everyone,

Sometimes,due to  our hectic schedule,it becomes a bit difficult to get time for a workout. Exercise is very important for a good health.But there are days when we are tired or have had a very bad day and we want to skip workout.I found some  cool ideas that I thought might be worthwhile to share here.These simple tips might help you to stay motivated & stay in good health:) And also stay tuned for an interview at the end 😀

1.DIY water bottle


This trick is nice to ensure that you had 8 glasses of water a day

> Mark the bottle at one hour interval
> Every hour, you should drink about a glass of water (200 ml)
> At the time marked on the bottle, your water should be at that level
(e.g by 2 pm the water should be at the 2 pm level)
>You should finish 1 litre of water at noon. Refill it.
> If you follow the system, you should consume the recommended 8 glasses of water by dinner time
> The marking serves as a visual reminder encourage you to drink water and allow you to see your progress

2.Food journals or workout trackers

Easy way to track your meals & watch out what you are eating


3.DIY workout sticks

A fun idea to switch things up! Make workout sticks to add variety to the daily grind


4.Workout dice

It’s such a creative & fun way to get things done.


5.Listen to a riveting audiobook while you exercise, and tell yourself you can only listen WHILE exercising.

You’ll want to keep going just to find out what happens next

You could also listen to workout music or use workout apps for extra motivation

large (1)

6.Create an inspiring board

Write some nice quotes to motivate yourself to exercise. Collages aren’t just for middle schoolers anymore. Enter the vision board, a combination of pictures, quotes and words that inspire you to think positively and put your goals center stage.


7.Reward or bribe yourself 

Instead of going to the gym,save the money.Each time you exercise or eat healthfully, put a dollar in a glass jar. Soon enough you’ll have enough saved up to buy what you want for yourself as a treat

large (1)

8.Trick yourself 

Tip/trick: If you are tired & you are taking a lot of time to decide whether you will go for a run or not. Put your workout clothes & then decide .Do not make a decision until you are dressed.[ You will eventually go for the run :p]

9.Sticky messages to motivate you 



Let me know in the comments which tip you liked the most.


This week,I had the golden opportunity to interview Sarah,a wonderful writer who created a nice book for Children called Wishlings.

Please check out the interview below 😀

1.Please tell me a bit about your book

Every time a wish is made a wishling is born to keep a wish safe on the long journey it must make. Through outer space and alien worlds, wishlings travel near and far—all the way to the Wishing Star, where wishes come true.

2.How did you get the inspiration?

During college, I took care of six kids—one boy and five girls between the ages of 6 months and 13 years. I was in a physics class, contemplating space and somehow the two worlds collided: space and children. I scribbled out the story and showed it to my sister, Allison, who began to illustrate it the very next day. The story evolved as we passed it back and forth.

Allison really brought a lot of inspiration of her own. She works with children with autism at an elementary school. She is so aware of how unique children with autism are . Though many of them find verbal communication challenging, they all communicate in very individualized ways. Then we thought, “Why don’t we incorporate the idea that there were many ways to make a wish and that anyone can wish?” So, we added a lot of fun aliens and talked a little bit about how they make wishes. We really wanted the story to be as inclusive as possible.

3. What message do you want to convey to children through your book?

The spirit of the story is to encourage kids—and all people, really — to keep their dreams and wishes alive. The wishlings (and the wishes they carry) get a lot of help traveling all the way to the Wishing Star, but that’s what it takes to make wishes come true — a lot of work and a lot of help and support from others. We wanted to get that idea across without being heavy-handed.

4.How was your experience ?

It’s been great really. We love the story and we’re happy to share it. Admittedly, it’s scary. Books are like children, all you want is for the world to love them, or (at least) accept them.

5.How do you & your sisters manage to work as a team? How do you maintain your team spirit?

Allison and I are sooo different. Even when we were kids, I was wearing tutus and she was playing rugby with the boys down the street; the stereotypical princess and tom-boy. As you can imagine, our working styles are quite different. I get very focused and somewhat obsessive and she’s very fluid and creative. I like to think that I teach her how to hang on a little tighter and she teaches me out to loosen my grip.

6.What other difficulties have you faced?

I think anybody who’s ever researched publishing a book knows how difficult the road is. I contacted a few publishers, but some were only interested in the story and wanted to use their own in-house illustrators for the pictures. Others wanted both, but then getting into the details of how long the print run would be and the rights… it was dizzying. Ultimately, we just felt that we wanted to stay in control of our own work, which presents another set of puzzles, like distribution, promotion, printing, ebooks, book apps, etc. There’s just so much to figure out.

7.When did you get that passion for writing? Tell us a bit about how you became a writer

I don’t remember NOT having it. Even before I actually knew how to write, I would pretend I was writing stories, scribbling out nonsense on a piece of paper. As I grew up, I always kept a diary, a journal. I’d play around with poetry and short stories, but I had this silly idea that my writing was divinely inspired and my first drafts were gold—all of them. I was very fortunate that when I got to high school, I met a very dedicated and intelligent English teacher, Mr. Cheadle, who really took an interest. When I say “took an interest,” I mean went above and beyond what was required. I would give him a short story and it would come back absolutely marked up—every line would have comments and corrections. He wasn’t just worried about mechanics or grammar, but the elements of story (plot, character, tension, etc.) and how they fit together. He forced me to think about every word and its relationship to every other word. So difficult and so invaluable.

Then, in college, I made my spending money taking care of kids. I worked for two families, with six children between them. We’d spend a lot of time reading books. Sometimes, we’d even make our own. After a trip to the zoo, we used the pictures and made a book about what we saw there and the kids cut out a picture of me and put it on a popsicle stick and I’d end up popping up everywhere in the story. Kids remind you that the simple things can be so much fun, and so I started playing with children’s stories then.

8.What advice would you like to give to young writers?

I wish every writer had a Mr. Cheadle, someone who’s not trying to teach you to write like them, but someone who teaches you how to think about your own voice. If you don’t, then try your best to find one. If you can’t, study your favorite writers like an editor would; notice every choice they make and use that to think about every choice you make in your own writing. Though it’s a lot of work, never let anyone take the joy out of it for you. Your writing is always your own.

9.Why did you choose to write a children book?

Mostly because I was around kids a lot, and I am fortunate enough to have a really talented sister to work with who’s also around kids a lot. Kids also make the best reviewers. They can’t help to be honest. Laughter is the best praise, scrunched faces the biggest criticism. Once you see their faces scrunch up in confusion, you know you need to rewrite. Wishlings hasn’t made a kid scrunch up their face in awhile, so I think we’re set.

10.What are your other plans for the future? Are you launching other books?
We’ve already finished a second book called Dumpy the Dinosaur. This book is more about manners. Dumpy is a dirty dinosaur and he’s just a little unaware about how rude he is. We imagine it could be a continuing series. We’re also hoping to turn Wishlings into a book app that will have some interactivity. Some of our experiments in animation are actually featured in the Kickstarter videos. We’re also working with a curriculum developer to make lesson plans that complement Wishlings so teachers and parents can get more mileage out of the book.

Thank you sarisonproductions for the interview.It was a pleasure working with you 🙂


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