Camping Hacks,Tip,tricks & DIY

You went camping but forgot to take some things ? Or having problems to survive in nature?. This article has some clever tips that could help you 😀 Enjoy your camping trip

1.DIY cooking solution


2.DIY  shoes for better nature walks


3. DIY Lights!

Bike lights as night lights enhanced-12992-1420582773-18

Strap a headlamp to a jug of water with the light facing inward to magnify your light source


4.Turn a food can into a stove


5.Comfy floor


6.Solar lanterns


7.DIY spoon


8.Cook egg in a packet


9.Add gallons of water & freeze them to make a cooler.Then you can put all your ingredients in the DIY cooler


10.Goodbye mosquites


.11. Doritos – In case of emergencies


12. DIY organisation


13. Store your spices in straws or TicTac


I hope that it will help. Which one you didn’t know ?



And last but not least,I’v come across a cool app available on App/Google store which helps you look for events or create/promote events.Here’s a few facts about the FREE app:

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– The app is location based so you’ll find events near you
– It’s available on the App and Google Play store
– Users have the ability to like and share the events they are going attending and comment on these events.
– Promoters now have the ability to import Facebook event data to Onit
-In the next release promoters and users will have the ability to sell/buy tickets.
-Onit is available on both Android and iOS.
You can check it out here, /
With this app,you will never miss an event again! 🙂 It’s fun,easy to use & absolutely free. I really love the design layout,the colors used & the user friendly interface.Onit app offers all  types of events & can be used by everyone 🙂

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