Things You Should Not Do Right Before Going To Bed

Things You Should Not Do Right Before Going To Bed
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Most people complain that they have difficulty in sleeping at night.Most of us  however  do not realise that our small habits are responsible for it to a great extent


Things to avoid before going to sleep : 

  • Exercise :Exercise is a very important part of our life and for a healthy body but  there is a time to exercise your body. Any type of physical work before  going to bed increases the body temperature and makes it difficult for us to fall asleep.
  • Watch TV or surf internet:Most of us watch TV or read our emails on our laptop before going to bed.  Studies have shown that going face to face with screens before going to bed reduces the ability to sleep. The glowing lights coming from the screens of TV and laptop decreases the production of the hormone responsible for making you fall asleep.
  •  Too many fluids :alcoholic beverages, caffeine  fluids like coffee and energy drinks make it difficult to sleep well at night. Even too much water should not be consumed right before you go to sleep. If you drink too much water or any other drink before going to bed, you are more likely to wake up in the middle of the night for washroom breaks.
  • . Over eat :Over eating before going to bed with a full belly stimulates the brain waves which can result in bad dreams at night.And the more unhealthy the food, the more disturbing the dreams. And heavy and spicy meals just before going to the bed can cause digestive discomfort. It can cause indigestion/acidity making it hard for you to sleep. Spicy or heavy meals also increase your body’s temperature and interferes with the action of sleep-inducing hormones.
  •  Take a hot bath :Taking a warm shower before bed can actually induce sleep however taking bath with hot water as some people do raises the temperature of the body making it difficult for us to sleep.  
  • Read engrossing stories/suspense novels :Many of us read  novels for some time before going to bed. . Reading such stories keeps you tied to your reading place and the time passes by very quickly leaving you with very little time to sleep before you wake up in the morning.It can make us have bad dreams as well.So it’s better to choose a boring book 😛
  • Over thinking/Having serious conversations/  brainstorming/worry Having serious conversations make you angry and keeps your mind full of thoughts. When you try to sleep, these thoughts do not let you sleep.Unwanted thoughts and worries are one of the culprits leading to poor sleep.When you are at bed,don’t think too much 
  • Pills & Drugs : Make sure that the pills you are taking does not leads to insomnia .And there is a misconception that drinking alchohol before going to bed can help you fall asleep. While alcohol makes you fall asleep faster, it reduces your sleep quality and wakes you up later in the night. Cigarettes, on the other hand, contain the stimulant nicotine which tends to disrupt the sleep cycle
    .People who suffer from insomnia tend to depend on sleeping pills. But prolonged use of the drugs tends to interfere with the body’s natural mechanism to fall asleep. It may also lead to complications.
  • Bedroom : Keep your room as neat and tidy as possible.Some psychologists state that this helps in sleeping. And don’t forget to turn all the lights off in the bedroom for good sleep.Avoid pets in your bedroom as pets may disturb your sleep,moves around in the room and may affect the REM cycle

I hope that you liked the tips.Feel free to share yours in the comments below. Thank you for reading ! 


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Have a good sleep for those who are sleeping 😛


15 thoughts on “Things You Should Not Do Right Before Going To Bed

  1. Great article, i seem to do most of these things before going bed haha. This information will help me avoid all the bad habits. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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