10 Different ways to use toothpaste



We already use toothpaste two or three times a day to brush our teeth but did you know that there are many more ways that toothpaste can be utilized  for cleaning ..etc..I know it sounds strange & crazy but it’s true 🙂 Here are some other uses of toothpaste

Use toothpaste to repair CDs or DVDs with small scratches.large (2)

large (3)

large (4)


large (5)



.large (8)

large (6)




large (10)large (11)large (13)



large (12)




large (15)


large (16)



This is all the things that you can do with a tube of toothpaste 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you liked this article. Please share with your family & friends 🙂

And I’v been nominated for the Liebster Awards’ by Rhiannon  who runs https://defineordinary.wordpress.com/. I love the blog &the posts which are well written 🙂 Thank you  for nominating me 🙂
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Thanks for reading 🙂 







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