Useful life hacks that you should know :)

Hi everyone.After some research on Google,I came up with some useful & interesting life hacks that makes life easier.. Read more


31 thoughts on “Useful life hacks that you should know :)

  1. Super cool post. I really like the idea of using a sponge in a baggy for an icepack, and that cupcake tin—condiment container—why didn’t I think of that? Very clever, indeed. Those were my favorites, but all of these were terrific ideas. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I will be pinning a couple of these ideas under my cool stuff/cool ideas board on Pinterest.

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  2. Interesting life hacks. I knew about many of these. Two that I didn’t know about and I will try, were the pancake mix in the ketchup bottle and the rubberband around the paint can (though I worry abou the rubber band flicking paint when the brush is removed). I would use masking tape and a clean paint stirrer to tape the stirrer across the top of the can, achieving the same result. 🙂

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